Citrus Impress

I’ve been writing exclusively about Writer (because that’s the application I use most often) and it’s time to talk about my ideas for Impress. A lot of the ideas that went into Citrus Writer also apply to Citrus Impress. The end result is a much simpler, yet also a bit unusual, presentation application:

Slides are now scrollable, just like pages (makes it much easier to navigate through presentations).

The slide pane is gone, replaced by Navigator.

Just like with Writer, you get the Toolbox, you can select slides easily, and you can insert slides easily.

The menu structure has changed quite a bit, following Writer’s example. Slide show options are now under “Presentation”, transition options under “Slide”, and animation options under a selected object’s menu (way at the bottom of the menu, to discourage the use of animation as it can easily ruin a presentation).

(Note: The mock-ups are a bit off, acting as if text is selected. The toolbar should show commands related to the current slide and the toolbox shouldn’t show text-related commands.)


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