A basic Android mockup

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a while since I wrote something here, and I’m sorry for that, but I can hardly find the time to work on this anymore and I have other priorities right now.

That said, at least I’m reshuffling this site a little (putting up a static Citrus UI proposal and relegating the blog to a tab). I also made an extremely basic mockup of Writer for Android (horizontal-only):

I haven’t given it much thought — I just got rid of the menu (all the items from the “Document” and “View” menus are under the Ellipsis/Overflow menu) and the “Save” button (I noticed that those were missing from other tablet word processors; I’m assuming that there’s some kind of auto-save functionality there, but not being the owner of a tablet, I can’t say for sure). The “Paste” button has been moved to the insertbar. The “Insert” button in the toolbar hides/shows the insertbar, the “Search” button shows Navigator. Context-related stuff shows up on selection (you can still select Pages by clicking the page numbar) in what Google calls the Action bar.

But here’s the actually useful part: an SVG for people to play with (uses the Roboto and Bitstream Vera fonts). Have fun.

Note: This mockup is called Frivl. It’s meant to sound non-serious, trivial, in stark contrast to iWork and Office. Not that it makes any difference, I just like codenames. 🙂