Citrus UI: Overview

UPDATE: Go look here for a more recent proposal.

This is another overview post (a follow-up to this overview post), except that this one is dynamic, factoring in new Citrus UI blog posts as they come.

Here’s a fresh version of the Inkscape SVG for Citrus UI.


Menu reorganization


Menus, the context bar, and fizz

Status bar and indicators



Add page button



70 thoughts on “Citrus UI: Overview

    1. No.
      I don’t expect the whole thing to be incorporated into LibreOffice, but some parts might be. If you want to help shape what becomes of LibreOffice, you should join the design mailing list.

      That said, I’ve been quite absent from discussions there, partly because I’m quite busy nowadays, partly because I don’t feel like digging through the piles of e-mails I have from the mailing list. I’ll try to get more involved when I have time.

      1. Citrus is beautiful and a really good idea. Congrats! I only pray LibreOffice menus won’t eventually have a Microsoft Office ribbon look. I never got used to it. I think that placing at least some toolbars on the sides is a great way to save vertical space in modern wide screens.

        Thanks for your contribution to LibreOffice!!

  1. I really love your Citrus UI concept. It’s would be a big welcome change from the current LibreOffice UI.

  2. This is must have for LibreOffice, clean, modern visualy consistent with GNOME3 and Unity, why not. What we, as users, can do to see this in LO?

  3. This is great! Please Please Make Citrus UI the UI for libre office. End of. It’s one of the nicest (probably THE nicest) office suite UI I’ve ever seen and the current UI is the worst. Libre office currently looks like it belongs in 1995 whereas Citrus UI looks much more modern.

  4. Why did you stop the mockups? This blog is actually one of the last hopes for good app designs for linux. Please keep posting more mockups.

  5. I think there’s nothing wrong with the current interface of LibreOffice and the old interface of MS Office. Why do we have to change the way we use a tool with which we are already productive?

  6. Me encanta, me gustaría ver algunas capturas de como quedaría el procesador de textos.
    Genial, apoyo la causa 🙂

  7. if LibreOffice will implement this design it would be big step forward.
    LibreOffice has (almost) all required features for office system, but for average user it doesn’t matter.
    In Nova days first place took design and functions usability.
    This is why Open Office, Libre Office is far away from Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010.
    Keep it simple and eye candy.

  8. Everything seems great. The page styles are wonderfull, this is a really good implementation of a basic need.

    However in my opinion, the document should be positioned at the middle of the window, the left sidebar pushes the center of the document to right.

    And for localization purposes, the icons can be preffered instead of Letter, i.e C(Colour), locatization may be confusing, ie in Turkish this button must be R(Renk).
    Seems clear and cool, and i really loved the page styles tool.

    Good work. Really good!

  9. Think that’ll be looking “great” on my e17. Plz, if Citrus’ll become default GUI – make some way to use the old one

  10. Well I like this UI. A long time ago, I left OOo and then LibreOffice due to old GUI. Even if it is a bit like “Ribbon Interface” but its cool. I wish it to be implemented in next versions.

  11. Much better than the current one, however I have a serious issue with this (and with all Office applications, too): The displays are tending to be widescreen while the documents are typically in portrait orientation: Why don’t you place more control on the sides? You take crucial area at the top of the screen so users can see less from the document while they can wonder on two “blind”, useless columns on the right and the left of the document.

    Please consider my thoughts – at least it should be configurable to place the whole ribbon or whatever to the side and it must be still good-looking.


  12. I think what i like most about it is that its such a modern twist on an older interface. lets face it, the current Libre Office UI is the same layout style that was used in star office and MS Office ’95 it hasnt changed until MS implemented the ribbon which most people hate. this is a modern spin on an old concept. everyone is used to this layout so going ribon would be dumb. i love the side bar! thats one of those things where its like a bold step in the modern direction without being so drastic its overwhelming. Do want! 😀 keep it up man!

    1. Download Inkscape from
      All of the mockups are done with just shapes. Useful shortcuts to know for Inkscape are: “Ctrl+Shift+F”, which shows the color fill panel, “Ctrl+Shift+L”, which shows the layer panel, and “Ctrl+Shift+A” which shows the align panel.
      It’s also useful to use pixels as units and align your shapes to a whole-unit grid.

      Take a look at the Downloads section of this site: . Play with the downloadables in Inkscape — you’ll get the hang of it. 🙂

  13. Ouch, this looks so nice! Will FOSS ever look nice? Wonder, why the core devs never prioritize the user experience. This would make convincing friends to user the free office suite so much more easy.

  14. UI is important, is what I’m trying to say. This needs to be implemented. And if there is no developer, a kickstarter should be organized. I’m pretty sure, money could be raised for this.

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