Zest UI

Zest UI is a UI for LibreOffice for smartphones. It’s derived from Citrus UI, so you should really check that proposal out before you check out this one.

Portrait mode



Serves as a file manager, provides access to any files editable by LibreOffice. The action bar contains a button for creating files, selecting files, and search. A “View” menu, a “Sort by” menu and an “Options” button are available in the overflow menu.

To perform actions on a file or several file, use the “check” button to select the file(s) and a contextual action bar will show up with such options as “rename”, “labels”, “share”, etc.



The default view for documents created on the device is the “Web view“, as that’s the most comfortable for small screens. For imported documents, it’s the “Print view” to preserve the original layout of these documents. The view can be switched from the overflow menu.

You’ll notice that there’s a bunch of stuff missing compared to the desktop menu. Renaming, comparing, duplicating, and other file-management related stuff has been moved to LibreOffice Home. Saving and exporting is gone as well, as documents are saved automatically and only in the OpenDocument format. Documents imported into LibreOffice get automatically converted into ODF files. Exporting only shows up when sharing a file. I got rid of “Insertion mode” and “Selection mode”, although these could be added to the overflow menu if there was enough demand for them.

In the contextbar, you’ll see only text commands by default. To get to the paragraph commands, slide the toolbar from left to right. To get the text commands back, slide the toolbar from right to left.

To insert stuff into the document, scroll a bit to the left in the document view to get the insertbar shown.


8 thoughts on “Zest UI

  1. I really like this mockup better than the citrus one, although i seem to be the only one. I like libreoffice as it is for now (with no ribbon interface) its old school but I started on word 6 so thats not a big issue for me. Watching things progress though is very exciting.

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