Static bar

The static bar supplements the context bar. While the context bar contains contextual commands that are related to the selection, the static bar contains commands that pertain to the current document, window, or the application as a whole. It’s basically a merge of the old File and View menus. (It doesn’t contain insertion commands — there’s a separate bar for that.)


Visible by default:

  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Search
  • Save (except for on OS’s on which automatic saving has become a norm)

In the overflow:

  • Word count
  • Print
  • Send >
    • Everything from the current File > Send menu
    • Could potentially split into Share and Export Outline menus
  • Save as…
  • Export…
    • Should be merged into the Save as… dialog.
  • Track changes
  • Compare with…
  • Digital signatures…
    • Should be merged into Properties if possible
  • Properties…
    • Should be redesigned to be simpler and include basic file management commands, such as “rename” or “move”
  • Layout >
    • Single page
    • Stack pages
    • Book
    • Web
  • New window…
  • Options…

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