The nice thing about Citrus UI is that it can be done incrementally. Here’s a possible roadmap LibO could take, separated by project:

Command reorg

 Milestone 1: Implement an overflow menu

 Milestone 2: Sorting all commands into toolbars
Without touching menus, all commands in LibreOffice (including those from formatting dialogs) would be progressively turned into toolbar buttons.

 Milestone 3: Apply toolbar categories to menubar

Once all commands are present in toolbars, all that remains is to apply the same categorization to the menubar and make the menubar contextual.

Inline view

 Milestone 1: “Inline view” in Impress

 Milestone 2: Inline view for all apps, made default

 Milestone 3: Floatbar


 Milestone 1: Color picker

 Milestone 2: Insertbar

 Milestone 3: Layer management


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