Inline view

New page or slide

At the end of every document, there should be a button for creating a new page or slide.


You use handles to select objects — like pages, slides, or list items. Why would you want to do that? Well, for one thing, selection results in contextual commands appearing in the contextbar — thus, with selection of a page, you would get page commands, like “Page style” or “Switch orientation” in the contextbar. But even if the suite didn’t have a contextual bar for pages, selection is still useful for moving (by drag-and-drop), deleting (by pushing “Delete”), copying (“Ctrl-C”), etc.

Style bar

The style bar is a floating toolbar containing pinned styles. It appears only on selection, centered above or below it, depending on the selection’s position. It doesn’t appear by default, as, by default, no styles are pinned. Ideally, the style would also feature an overflow menu with unpinned styles.

3 thoughts on “Inline view

  1. Personally I greatly dislike the Inline view (for the above reason). However, I do recognize its usefulness. Apart from the need for redundant coding, I like the idea of it being a non-default feature that can be turned on.

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