To promote open-source fonts and font consistency across computers, a Citrus LibreOffice would integrate with at least one online open-source font repositories (like Google Web FontsOpen Font LibraryThe League of Movable Type). If a user opens a document using a FLOSS font that he doesn’t have, LibreOffice will automatically download that font from one of these repositories and the document will render correctly. (The user will be able to turn off this automatic downloading in “Options”.)

The font dialog would be reworked, providing font categories as tabs (“All”, “Sans-serif”, “Serif”, “Monospace”, “Handwriting”, and “Display” in the mockup, although these would probably be reworked). The dialog would only show supported fonts by default (i.e. those available from the integrated repositories), to guarantee that every LibO document looks the same on any computer. The dialog could be tweaked to also show fonts not installed on the computer, but available from the repositories, and to show installed, but unsupported (i.e. not in the repositories) fonts, from a handy options menu on the right of the dialog.

When saving a document with an unsupported font, the user would be warned that their document might not render correctly on other computers.

(Fonts now get a button with an icon instead of a full-blown text box to save space on the toolbar. When this button is clicked, the search box is automatically focused.)

4 thoughts on “Fonts

  1. Thats very well conceived. I like the idea of arranging fonts in groups (serif, sans-serif, monospace) and i like also the idea of font-repository and synchornisation.

    But with both of them I see problems:
    1. Where is a sans-serif AND monospace font located? In sans-serif or in monospace or in both categories? If both, it would be imho weird to see a handwritten font the sans-serif category, just because it also has no serifs.
    2. When displaying all fonts of a font-repository, that will make the font-chooser endless. Maybe you could make a button to pop out a repository browser with one-click download.
    3. Rather an idea than a problem: Fonts that aren’t downloaded yet should be e.g. grey, and locally saved fonts could be the standard color. I would also give the opportunity to hide all fonts which aren’t installed yet. I know the dialog should be small and KISS, but that’s just a suggestion for problem 2.

    Hope you got what I mean.. If not, ask away 😉

    1. This thing is very, very far from implementation, if it gets there at all.
      That said, I’ll answer to your suggestions:
      1) I’d put it in both, but perhaps the monospace category is not required at all.
      2+3) Not-yet-installed fonts would be shown under the installed fonts, separated by a small heading with the label “From the web”

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