I finally found a functional link to the Windows version of Creature House LivingCels: . Since it took me so long to find, I’m putting the link here before doing anything else. 🙂



etherpad is this awesome web app for documents — surprising that it isn’t more mainstream

byword seems like an app with a great UI — something to get inspired by

I mentioned sozi, the extension for Inkscape that makes it into a presentation editor, before

and, apparently, notational velocity is great for notes; GPL, but not for Linux

anything you’d like to add?

Epiphany browser concept

One really great browser concept that I can’t stop thinking about:

Basically, it aims to keep the user focused. It replaces tabs with “queued pages”, which are directly related to the current page. You navigate through queued pages and your history spatially.

As a person who frequently gets lost in his tabs, and as someone who can get distracted online really easily, I would really, really love if this interface came to fruition.


UPDATE: Sozi is even more awesome. It’s an open-source plug-in for Inkscape that also allows you to make these fluid, “canvas-based” presentations.


Following up on my previous post, there’s this really cool presentation software called Prezi. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, but it seems very intuitive and produces really great-looking presentations. Its biggest innovation is the infinite workspace, which adds dimension to the presentation. And it comes with a really clean, fresh interface.

The only problem I see with it is that it’s a bit hard to navigate (with the contents haphazardly put at random sizes all throughout the workspace, which has no scroll bars, by the way: navigation is done by dragging and dropping), plus it doesn’t support Linux with its desktop app, which sucks. But I’m sure they’ll get there eventually.

Have you tried Prezi? What do you think about it?