Rare Opportunity at Making a Difference

The LibreOffice Design team is asking for designs for three projects that have been accepted into Google Summer of Code (that means that they’re more than likely to be implemented): An ODF viewer for Android, a revamped Templates dialog, and a smarphone remote for Impress.

See the Design page for more information and to get involved.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Saturday 5th, 16:00 GMT. Submit what you have — your proposal doesn’t have to be 100% complete.

Anyone is welcome to make a proposal. You don’t have to have any design skills whatsoever — a worded description will suffice, though mockups or paper sketches to go along with it would be much appreciated.

The final design will be based upon an analysis of all the submitted proposals.


2 thoughts on “Rare Opportunity at Making a Difference

  1. If you get a chance, please find me on the IRC (dave_largo) or email me (drichard at largo dot com) to discuss this issue. We have hundreds of users and I have been watching them interact with this software for many years. I think I can offer you some high level tips and ideas. Thanks!

  2. What is the website that means it is easy to understand podcasts and blog sites? I don’t get an iPod, does that make any difference? . daekbadkedda

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