Why we still need Wave

Observing how people have been slowly abandoning e-mail and moving to closed communication systems that merge the features of chat and e-mail — Facebook’s Messages, Apple’s iMessage, and even social network posts (though these were designed for a different purpose).

I really hope that an open-source alternative that seeks to define a single message standard arises soon — something like Google’s Wave, only less complex and with a better UI.

Anyone in the FLOSS community interested in reviving the project?

One thought on “Why we still need Wave

  1. Wave has been open sourced and is awaiting volunteers work (as part of the apache incubator).
    The Server seems to be pretty functional, was is really missing are client applications for mobile / desktop. (Or integration into email software, as to have all communication in the same place). Not everybody is happy with working online in the cloud. I (or the company I’m working for) would not consider Wave unless there are at least Desktop client that enable one to work offline and have access to already viewed/received messages.

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