for elementary

Just for fun and to procrastinate a bit, I mocked up a word processor for elementary:

I put up a page with a thorough description and more mockups. The SVG is listed on the SVG page.


4 thoughts on “for elementary

    1. Nope, just a mockup of a word processor with fewer features than LibreOffice (but with autosave and online integration). Think “Google Docs”, but native.

      1. Software like Notepad or gedit belong under “text editors”, which are used for editing plain text files. There’s no concept of pages, formatting, or objects within plain text files: it’s just text.

        Word processors, like LibreOffice Writer or AbiWord, have the goal of producing printable material. Therefore, they work with pages and provide layout and formatting options.

        epitomy UI is basically just a simpler version of Citrus UI.

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