More juicy goodness

Just when you thought two UI concepts (one for the desktop, one for tablets) were enough, here comes a third one: Zest UI, for smartphones. (Zest means both “the outer peel of a citrus fruit used for flavoring” and “enthusiasm”. 🙂 )

I also updated the two other UI concepts. I plan to talk about the changes soon (although, as always, that depends on whether I have the time and energy).

The three source files (open in Inkscape) are here: Citrus, Frivl, Zest.

On a less related note, here is an interesting source for GNOME mockups, along with all the Adwaita UI elements in theming/widgets: (click on the “Zip” button to download the zip file). I sometimes use portions (like the Gnome Shell bar) for my mockups. I thought I mentioned it before, but looking through the archive, it seems I didn’t.


4 thoughts on “More juicy goodness

  1. I have updated my Frivle.svg here [1] I made a phone version just to see what it would look like compared to the tablet. made some changes to Tap, but like what you have done. my only concern is do you think that we can make it so that LibreOffice is cross app. meaning your Tap or LibreOffice layer shows text, presentations, and spreadsheets. this will be easy on the computer but, in an app you would need to click on the file you want, close LibreOffice then open writer or other. this could make it aggravating if you where to choose the wrong doc. keeping the apps separate would make it faster to change docs according to what app you are in.

    just a thought.


    1. I’m not sure I follow.
      On smartphones, LibreOffice would be a single app, just like it is on Mac OS X, and there is no separate access to the different modules.
      To get back to the file browser, the user would simply tap the “LibreOffice” icon in the action bar of a document/presentation/spreadsheet/drawing.

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