Citrus: The “View” Menu Problem

While trying to reorganize LibO’s menus, I ran into a problem.

You’ve probably noticed that, in Citrus, menus (except “View” and “Insert”) are organized by the thing they apply to: things under “LibreOffice” apply to LibreOffice in general, things under “File” apply only to the current file, and so on.

You’ve also probably noticed that there’s no “Edit” or “Tools” menu in Citrus: they’ve all been sorted out into the appropriate contextual categories. The problem I ran into is that “Selection mode” doesn’t really fit into any of the categories I set. The only category that it sort of made sense in was “View”.

“View” is special in that it contains commands that pertain to the current Window. (If you change the view in one window, the view in other open LibO windows shouldn’t change.) Selection mode works the same way: if you change the selection mode in one window, it doesn’t change in another window.

So here I need Help appropriately naming the “View” menu so that it can also fit the concept of modes. (“Window” seems confusing, as many other programs use that menu to list open windows, but it’s a possible solution. “Instance” sounds too technical. And then I’m pretty much out of ideas.)


4 thoughts on “Citrus: The “View” Menu Problem

  1. Hello
    The problem could be solved by using a “Document” menu instead of “File”.
    I think you can place every interesting element of the “File” menu in the “Document” menu. It’s more logical because it’s the document you print (not the really the file, and it’s even more true when you don’t save the document on the disk), it’s the document you save on the disk (not the file when you haven’t created the file yet), …
    With a “Document” menu, you can put the “Selection mode” item in it.

    1. The “File” menu could be renamed to “Document” — that might be a more familiar term for users, plus it would give an immediate visual cue as to which application you’re using.

      But as I see it, the “Document” menu has the same organizational problems as the “File” menu.
      The problem with “Selection mode” is that it applies to the window, not the document. When you change this mode, save the document and move it to another computer, it’s not going to open with the same selection mode. Hence, it sets the selection mode of the window and not the document.

      I think “Window” describes the menu the most clearly. What do you think?

      Or is there a flaw in logic somewhere an I’ve categorized a few things wrong?

  2. I think it’s more logical in the “Document” because you select things inside the document, not really indside the window, and because a “Window” menu is more to manage windows, like now.

    Or you can place the item in the “Text” menu because the item is only to change the way you select text (if I am wrong, please tell me).

    Could you make a post to tell your whole menu reorganization please ?
    I don’t know where you placed the “Options” item in menus, an other way could be to make a “Option” menu with some quick settings. It could be like in the latest version of Firefox (4.0) for the new tab menu item : when you click on the item, it shows a new tab, and if you want to open a new window, you have to click on the little arrow and click on “New window” or on “New tab” if you changed your mind (I don’t know the exact translations in an English Firefox version because I use software translated in french).

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