Citrus Labs: LibreOffice Home

I promised to talk a bit about LibreOffice Home, so here I go. (Keep in mind that this is all a proposal, none of this is actually planned for LibO.)

LibreOffice Home started basically just as a successor to the current Start Center, but grew into the successor of most of the current dialogs in LibO. It is an application separate from LibreOffice. It’s much lighter, and therefore loads much faster. Because it loads much faster, it doesn’t need a boot screen.

There are several different areas of the Home:

There’s the home page, which I haven’t really given much thought to. However, Christoph Noack’s Start center proposal seems quite promising. Just add a toolbar with a search box and back and forward buttons, and it’s good to go.

Then there are Options. For those, I do have a rough mockup:

You can tell that Options have been reduced: the less useful options would be made into extensions, the useful, but technical extensions would be under “Advanced”. Options would be saveable and loadable.

From Options, as well as from other places, you can access the Extension manager, the Theme/Template/Wizard manager, the Style manager, and the Font manager.

These managers are not really well thought out yet, and are definitely subject to changes. I was thinking the Extension manager could be somewhat akin to the Ubuntu Start Center, and integrate seamlessly with the online repository. I’m really not sure about a Theme/Template/Wizard manager yet. Actually, the only reason these three are together is because it’s the same as the “Theme/Template/Wizard” dialog used to create new documents.

There’s also a new Help dialog built into LibO Home, which is deeply integrated with the online Help. There are very prominent links to the online Help forums and bug reporting, and the documentation can be (if the user wishes) a mix of offline and online content.


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