Citrus: Editing styles

You edit styles through an “Edit” button in the menu, which gives you:

It’s a pretty huge menu, since it includes all the various things you can set for a paragraph. When menus are this big, they get expandable categories. In this mockup, you see 9 of those, of which only “Font” is expanded.

Styles are now managed a little differently. First of all, parent styles are now called “groups”. Groups can be either hierarchical or unordered. (You can tell by the small numbers in the mockup that “Headings” is hierarchical.) You can drag hierarchical styles up or down to move them up/down in their hierarchy.

Instead of linking a style to a style, you put a style into a group. It’s the same principle, just with friendlier terminology.

You turn a style into a group through a “Tools” menu (or a right-click). You can also delete a style or change its shortcut from this menu.

You choose what formatting applies to a style by checking/unchecking its checkbox.

Lastly, bundled styles are now deletable (but you can easily get them back from the LibO website).

P. S. On the topic of customizing tabs as a part of a style, it’d be nice to be able to do that both visually with a full-scale ruler and using a table. I’m thinking a “Use ruler…” under the “Tabs” category could do the trick.


One thought on “Citrus: Editing styles

  1. My only request/suggestion to this UI would be to do something to emphasize/add discoverability to the use of semantic styles over manual font face/size/weight selection. Styles of varying sorts have been present in MS Word and OO.o writer since time immemorial, but they seem to seldom be used.

    I’d love to see this change, as the use of (subsequently editable) semantic styles makes it a lot easier to keep consistent typesetting across a large document

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