Go, make your own UI

I’m releasing the SVG to Citrus UI under the CC0 license (that means you can do whatever you want with them, without any restrictions) where possible — I’m not sure how the LibO logo, which is used, or the various fonts I used figure into this, so this license only applies to the parts that are my original work.

Here it is: https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B_RBf0YVtxzkYWFmYjM3YmQtYmU3OC00Zjg3LWE0MzctMTljNDJmY2NlOGM3&hl=fr

It’s an Inkscape SVG with a bunch of (mostly unnecessary) layers. You’ll need the fonts Vegur, either the Bitstream Vera or the DejaVu Sans and Serif fonts, and the Ubuntu font for it to look the way it should.

I’m hoping people will take it, edit it, tweak it, and add to it to make their own UI mockups.

P. S. I’m not sure about the licensing of the current LibO logo. Tell me if I should remove it.


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