The Best Office Icons I know

These come from the elementary icon pack, I believe.


2 thoughts on “The Best Office Icons I know

  1. One potential issue (problem or advantage ?):
    The letters W, P and X should then be localizable.
    In my icelandic office jargon these would become S, K and T.
    Thus a need for automatic icon substitution based on locale or by using scripted SVG icons. There used to be a problem when all the themes had B, I and U for Bold, Italic and Underline, but then someone made those icons into variants of A’s. I think most non-roman alphabets are still forced to substitute these icons.

    Just thoughts (of an OOo/LibO translator).
    Best regards,

    1. This was just a post to show how much better fully-colored icons are than OOo’s gray icons.
      I’m expecting LibO to use symbols rather than letters, and I’m hoping they’ll use a lot of color, too. 🙂

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